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Next Previous K2 Items With Background Image

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Display Next Previous K2 Items with Background Image

A Content Plugin that displays Next and Previous K2 Items (articles) with background image in Joomla. You can choose any individual Menu where Next- Previous items will be displayed with bold & beautiful view. This plugin will display next previous article heading in after content and with beautiful background image.


Core Features

Simple and fast

This Plugin is very easy to use and it is working fast for your site.

Light Weight

The plugin is very light weight and thus fast to load without compromising site speed.


The plugin detects mobile device / smart device and offer the option to disable on such devices

Supported Components

K2 Items (Com_k2)

Template Compatibility

Styles customizable in order to be compatible in any Joomla Template

Style-Match with Your Site

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size
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