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Monday, 01 August 2016 10:43

The new york times: Tokyo Elects Yuriko Koike

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TOKYO — Yuriko Koike, a conservative former defense minister of Japan, became the first woman elected governor of Tokyo on Sunday, handily winning a vote to replace the city’s previous chief executive after he fell to a financial scandal.


Ms. Koike’s biography is unusual for a Japanese politician, even apart from her gender. A divorced former newscaster, she attended a university in Egypt and speaks fluent Arabic.


She won what was essentially a three-way race, defeating her closest opponent, Hiroya Masuda, another former cabinet minister, by more than a million votes, according to preliminary tallies by the Japanese news media. Mr. Masuda was the official candidate of the national governing party, the Liberal Democrats.


Ms. Koike, 64, is also a Liberal Democrat, but she broke with the party to seek the governor’s post. The role roughly combines the duties of an American mayor and a state governor.


“I want to regain the trust of the people of Tokyo,” Ms. Koike said after initial projections were broadcast on Sunday night, alluding to the scandal that prompted her predecessor to resign in June.

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