Build a Nice Picture Gallery with your Instagram Photos, Tagged Photos and Global Photos.

A simple module to display images from Instagram to the Joomla websites as Picture Gallery. The configuration of this module is very simple. After installation this module, Put Instagram Access Token and Your Instagram Username. Generate Access Token from the Link below. You can display Your Instagram Pictures, Tagged pictures and Global Instagram Picture as well. You can also customize the styles as your own. The details options are listed on the other Tabs. To generate Access Token you have to login to Instagram.

Click here to generate Access Token

$15 USD

Joomla 3x Supported

JED Approved


Three Features
You can display Instagram Photos, Your Tagged Photos and Global Photos. You have control in the back end.
Place In Any Module Position
Can be placed to any module position your website has
Customizable Styles
This Gallery has customizable styles. You can change the styles of any theme you like

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